Future-Proof Marketing

Modern digital marketing is about much more than content marketing and social media activity, sending emails, counting page views and optimizing search engine rankings. It requires an end-to end approach, connecting the dots all the way from core messaging and persona development, through social media and content marketing to lead management and the hand-off to sales. And dealing with the reality that prospects and customers don’t take a one-way, one-time trip through the Sales funnel.

It means building a single marketing system, instrumented and automated, that can engage and track prospects and customers through the entire sales cycle. Over multiple sales cycles. A machine that’s future-proof and designed to scale. A Customer Engine, if you like.

Over the last 15 or so years I have built revenue-generating machines for B2B software companies ranging from less than $1M in annual revenue to more than $2B, and I realized early that the models and basic principles are the same.
The site is both a blog to document what I have learned on this journey, and a connection point for anyone looking for help with their own marketing and revenue generation efforts.
I’m currently working on Version 8 of the engine approach. What happened to Versions V1-V7? Start by reading the What is a Customer Engine? post.

With a proven methodology for analyzing and optimizing the entire end-to-end pipeline, the Customer Engines approach can deliver immediate improvement to any area of marketing, including messaging and positioning, digital media strategy, marketing measurement, infrastructure design, and business process overhaul.

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