Customer Engines is the label I use for the way I think about modern marketing.

After a long career in tech that has spanned every marketing discipline from branding to pipeline management, often in emerging markets, I realized that combining new technology with a clear vision of how marketing really works could fundamentally change a business. I started from a Physics and Engineering background, and strongly believe that the first-principles-driven, system-oriented approach I learned in those disciplines is key to using marketing technology and data to drive real business value.

A serial early adopter of new marketing technology, I have a long history of bringing innovative tools and processes to bear on complex business problems, staying ahead of the competition and the market.  Marketing automation, online communities, webinars, permission-based email and social networking tools all became part of the machine and deployed as B2B revenue enablers well before the mainstream.

For the past decade, I have been working with firms ranging from startups to the Fortune 100 to build strong, empowered teams that work better, faster and cheaper to drive business transformation and revenue growth.

Out of these projects has come a reusable set of principles for successful digital marketing and customer acquisition. That repeatable process is now available to clients via Customer Engines consulting engagements.

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