Peter Tait

If You Want to Get Aligned with Sales, Stop Generating Leads

I’ve built, managed, or worked with lots of B2B demand gen teams in my career, and I keep seeing (and fixing) the same friction between Marketing and Sales. There’s actually a simple fix to this problem, one that aligns Marketing, Sales, prospects, and even customers. Marketing creates leads – if they’re good, they are the

Building a Customer Engine Part 1: Overview

Effective demand generation is about far more than lead capture and conversion; building a real revenue machine ultimately requires an end-to-end understanding and optimization of the entire Marketing environment. The customer engines that I have built have a common set of basic building blocks. This post provides an overview of the set, and subsequent posts will

What Is A Customer Engine?

I chose the Customer Engines name because that’s what I’ve been building and refining for a while now.  End-to-end Marketing machines that run 24/7, work anywhere on the globe, and drive maximum revenue at minimum cost. Oh, and make the happiest customers…

Truth, Trust and Reaching Your Inner Google

While chatting with another marketeer about the challenge of distinguishing between marketing touches and sales leads, something really powerful occurred to me.  It’s a way to understand the value of giving information away.

“The good leads are for closers” – but what’s a good lead?

A cautionary tale for Marketers about lead scoring and the importance of talking to Sales. I was leading an eMarketing team that implemented a fairly sophisticated system for capturing online registrations and turning them into near real time leads for Sales. Leads were categorized based (in part) on answers to qualifying questions on the forms.


Hi, I’m Peter Tait. After years of helping companies get better at using the web as part of their Marketing activities, I’ve decided to collect and publish everything I’ve learned about online Marketing and demand generation. If nothing else, it’s an easy way to archive this stuff before I forget it…