Most of my customer relationships begin with a Health Check.  Over a two-week period I talk to a selection of Marketing and Sales folks, take a look at your systems and your data, and dig deep enough to understand how your entire Marketing machine works.

This gets me up to speed on the current state of your Marketing efforts, gives you an unbiased view of your machine, and gives both of us a common starting point from which to plan further improvements.  Most importantly, it ALWAYS uncovers some quick fixes that we can make to immediately improve Marketing effectiveness. Some of those improvements are typically in place before we even finish this first phase..

In that two-week period I will get all the way from campaign planning to Sales Opportunity creation, and benchmark against current best practices. This typically includes an examination of campaign planning, website content and structure, SEO, inbound and outbound campaign performance, Marketing automation systems, lead scoring and assignment rules, and the connection to the SFA/CRM system.

And of course I take a look at how you currently measure Marketing performance.

At the end of that first phase I can tell you what’s working and not, develop the short-term punch list that will produce the fastest improvement in pipeline (and revenue), and lay out the long-term strategy needed to support the goals in your business plan.  I provide a written summary of findings and recommendations that is detailed enough for teams to proceed to implementation without further input. If appropriate I will also give you PowerPoint materials to support executive presentations.

With the analysis complete, you can decide to make all of the changes yourself, or I can provide training and mentoring to the Marketing, Operations and (if appropriate) Sales Development teams to execute proposed improvements. Or I can manage the implementation for you.

Beyond that point, I’m available as needed to revisit strategy, design and implement future improvements, or mentor and develop your team.

Contact me to get started.

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