Hi, I’m Peter Tait. After years of helping companies get better at using the web as part of their Marketing activities, I’ve decided to collect and publish everything I’ve learned about online Marketing and demand generation. If nothing else, it’s an easy way to archive this stuff before I forget it…

Why “The Automated Web”?

Although I have an Engineering background, I’ve been working in high-tech Marketing for longer than I care to admit, and building eMarketing or eBusiness teams for the last ten.

As I worked in different high-tech companies, at all different stages of web awareness, I kept seeing the same patterns and behaviors, the same problems with how Marketers thought about and used online tools to build pipeline for their colleagues in Sales. And of course, I kept seeing the same behaviors in how Sales teams thought about (or didn’t think about) the role of the web in their selling process.

It’s all about building scalable machines that drive maximum revenue at minimum cost, with maximum flexibility and agility.

The primary shift that needs to happen in most Marketing teams is the flip from active to passive lead capture. What does that mean? It’s the same as the transition from interruption marketing to permission marketing (to use Seth Godin’s term).

Instead of planning individual marketing activities (an event here, a webinar there) when YOU want to run them, how about setting up your web content, your marketing assets, your online ad spending, your lead registration system, to allow prospects to find and interact with you when THEY want to?

In other words, it’s all about facilitating BUYING, not SELLING. (But don’t tell your colleagues in Sales just yet).

OK, that’s it for the first post. Next up will probably be some thoughts on lead scoring and routing. Or not.

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